David Bowie’s unreleased album “Toy” to be released 20 years later

David Bowie's unreleased album "Toy"

The release of David Bowie’s lost album “Toy” will take place 20 years after its creation. This is stated in the musician’s official Twitter account. The record was supposed to be released in 2001, but due to a conflict with the record company Virgin Records, its production was suspended.

“Toy” was to be a sequel to 1999’s Hours. In addition to new tracks, it included a rethinking of earlier songs from 1964-71. After the conflict, the disc became a preparatory stage for the creation of the Heathen album (2002).

“David came back and rethought his work decades before through the prism of experience and fresh perspective – a parallel that does not elude me now, when I return to it 20 years later. From time to time he would say, “Mark, this is our album,” I think because he knew that I was so deep in the trenches with him on this journey. I am happy that I can finally say that now this album belongs to all of us,” says musician Mark Plati, co-producer of the record.

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The date of the official release of David Bowie’s album “Toy” is not yet known.

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