Taylor Swift criticized on the Web for traveling on a private jet

Internet users are concerned about the actions of Taylor Swift, or rather the information that was discovered by the marketing company Yard. The fact is that the singer pollutes the environment the most. Cause? Jet trips.

For the study, Yard used data from the CelebJets Twitter account, which tracks celebrity private jet travel. The number of flights, average flight time, miles and total CO2 emissions were taken into account.

It is reported that the singer’s plane made 170 flights from the beginning of the year to July 19, having been in the air for a total of 16 days. The total emissions exceed the total annual emissions of the average person.

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Representatives of Swift have already commented on the situation. It is claimed that the singer’s plane is leased, which means that responsibility is not only on Taylor: “Attributing most or all of these trips to her is outrageous,” it is reported.

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