Scandal: Travis Scott accused of beating a man in a club

Travis Scott is at the center of a scandal. According to the Western press, the rapper allegedly attacked a man in one of the nightclubs in New York and caused damage in the amount of 12 thousand dollars.

The incident happened last Tuesday. Travis went to a party with his friend Don Toliver at the Nebula club, which is located in Manhattan. At some point, former lover of Kylie Jenner began to aggressively shout at the sound engineer, who muffled the sound. He got into a verbal altercation. As a result, the rapper punched the man in the face and damaged the speaker and video screen. After that, Travis snatched the phone from one of the fans who was filming the video and allegedly threw it on the floor.

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The musician’s lawyer has already spoken to the press: “This is clearly a misunderstanding that is being inflated to enormous proportions. We are actively working with law enforcement and establishment staff to rectify the situation. I am confident that my client will be cleared of the charges.”

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