Amber Heard faces 14 years: the actress is under investigation on charges of perjury

Australian politician Barnaby Joyce has called for Amber Heard to be jailed if it is proven she committed perjury about smuggling her dogs into Australia in 2015.

Recall that then the actress was charged on two counts, but the case was closed when she pleaded guilty to falsifying travel documents in a Gold Coast court in April 2016.

But the dog-carrying situation continued in October 2021 when the Daily Mail exclusively revealed that Australian officials were investigating the Hollywood star. They think the actress may have lied to authorities about the circumstances under which her dogs were brought into the country.

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The day before, the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment confirmed that the case was “on track”, telling Daily Mail Australia that it was still “investigating allegations of perjury by Ms Hurd during her 2015 trial of smuggling two dogs into Australia.” “.

The maximum sentence for perjury is 14 years and for incitement to give false testimony is 7 years under the Queensland Penal Code, according to the Daily Mail.

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