Lyudmila Fischuk: Lucie represents timeless elegance, quality, and sophistication.

Today, we spoke with Lyudmila, the talented founder of the Lucie brand. She shared insights into her incredible life – from being a mother and loving wife to a successful entrepreneur. Lyudmila also discussed her hobbies and preferences. Let’s delve deeper into how aspects of her life influence the creative process and the development of her brand.

Lyudmila, please tell us about the beginning of your journey as the founder of the Lucie brand. How did the idea of creating your own clothing brand come about?

A clear understanding that I was inspired to create my own brand came when I was pregnant with my child in 2021. During my pregnancy, I had a lot of free time to set up all production processes and get involved in creation. My first collection was successfully sold out, which only boosted my enthusiasm. It became not just a profitable venture but an inseparable part of my life. The gratitude of customers for quality products and their interest in the brand motivated me to aim for something more ambitious. And now I can proudly say that we are successfully reaching new heights and confidently moving towards our goals with the team.

How do you successfully combine the roles of a mother, wife, and entrepreneur? What challenges do you encounter, and how do you find balance between family and professional life?

Actually, all these roles come very easily to me because they all bring me joy. A loving husband who always delights with attention and compliments, a daughter who brightens the day with her smile and little achievements, and the gratitude of clients – they all contribute significantly!

What does the Lucie brand mean to you? What principles underlie the creation of each item?

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Lucie is a symbol of timeless elegance, quality, and sophistication. Born from a sincere love for Ukrainian fashion and a pursuit of perfection, LUCIE presents clothing collections that embody the art of classic and innovation. We pay special attention to selecting natural fabrics, tailoring mastery, and sophisticated details. We believe in creating the perfect basic wardrobe where each item harmoniously combines with another. Our models are classics that easily adapt to any style and image. From elegant knitted items to meticulously thought-out patterns – every detail speaks of our aspiration for perfection.

Your brand is actively developing in the online space. How do you see the impact of the digital sphere on the fashion industry, and how is it reflected in Lucie’s activities?

The digital sphere positively affects our brand, giving us the opportunity to develop and showcase our quality not only in Ukraine but in every corner of the world. The Lucie team already has many ideas for developing in different countries worldwide thanks to the digital sphere.

Lyudmila, you mentioned that you find strength in skiing and gym workouts. How do these preferences influence your creative process and the concept of your brand?

I love disconnecting from everyday life, and these activities give me that opportunity, bringing many new ideas for brand development. I feel it’s my personal space for rest and reflection. Whether on ski slopes or in the gym, I have the chance to enjoy nature or focus on physical exercises, helping to dissolve creative blocks and surface fresh ideas.

The Lucie brand was founded in 2020 and is already successfully developing. What plans and ambitions do you have for the future, particularly regarding opening the first offline boutique in Chernivtsi?

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Of course, opening a boutique is currently our top priority. In the future, we aim to develop the brand in the best direction, creating a personal story and uniqueness. Additionally, we focus on the international market and, of course, plan to open doors in other cities in Ukraine and beyond.

Do you incorporate cultural heritage and modern trends in your clothing designs? How do you see the role of these elements in creating a unique image for each woman?

Our roots and culture are not just heritage but a real treasure that deserves our attention and development. In our team, we believe that our brand should become a mediator in popularizing Ukrainian identity. It’s important to carefully weave our history into modern realities. We are actively preparing a beautiful collection for Vyshyvanka Day, which we can’t wait to share with you soon. Don’t miss it!

How do you maintain your motivation and inspire others?

My motivation is my work, my small successes, and the desire for more. People follow fashion and get inspired by it, so in a way, I set an example and inspire others.

Lyudmila, how do you see the individuality of each woman in your clothing? How does Lucie help each client feel confident and stylish, accentuating her uniqueness?

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We invest in style, comfort, and durability of our items, striving to enable each woman to express her uniqueness through clothes created with love and attention to detail. These values can form the basis for all decisions.

Your brand, Lucie, focuses on creating ideal basic wardrobe elements. How do you consider the diversity of bodies and sizes in your collection, especially for plus-size women?

Usually, we have few plus-size items in our collections because large sizes are not popular for our brand. However, we are ready to provide individual tailoring or knitting services based on their personal measurements, which we consider a big plus for our brand.

Does Lucie strive to consider the needs and desires of clients of all body types and sizes in the design and creation process? What initiatives do you undertake to include every woman in the world of fashion?

Of course, as mentioned above, we provide clients the opportunity for individual tailoring or knitting based on their measurements. We also add larger sizes to our standard size chart. In general, we have a perfectly developed size chart, which is why most of our items are one size that fits any body type, height, and size.

Interview prepared by: Yuliia Yarmarkina

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