Smart watches Apple Watch Series 7 live photos are published

Smart watches Apple Watch Series 7 live photos are published

Smartphones have already been on sale for more than a week, but smartwatches are not yet available even for pre-order, so we had to be content with only official photos and videos of the novelty.

Nevertheless, the first live photos of the new Apple watch have already appeared on the web. The device is made in Midnight color, but in this light the watch looks just black.

Because of the color, it is not so easy to see the details, but in general, at least it is quite possible to correlate the screen size of the new item with the previous models.

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This can be seen especially well from the inscriptions at the top of the screen – they are located as close as possible to the edges of the case.

The launch date for the Apple Watch Series 7 has not yet been announced, but pre-orders are rumored to be open next week.

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