Samsung launches ocean pollution campaign

Samsung Electronics has partnered with clothing brand Patagonia to launch a campaign to fight ocean pollution. Together they plan to prevent microplastics from textile production and laundry from entering the water. As part of the initiative, Samsung has developed Ecobubble and AI Wash eco-features for washing machines that optimize water and energy consumption. Going forward, the brand intends to continue developing sustainable products and technologies.

“According to scientists, there are now more than 14 million tons of what is called microplastics on the ocean floor alone. These tiny pieces of plastic are often too small to be seen with the naked eye, but at the same time, their size can reach 5 millimeters in some cases, Samsung representatives noted. “Cooperation like the joint project between Samsung and Patagonia could help turn the tide on ocean pollution. The best way to clean the oceans of plastic is to prevent it from getting [into the water].”

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