Gadget 88. Game-changer of 2023

Gagdet 88 - innovative product of 2023

Every living being has its own vibration frequency. It influences how all of us communicate with what surrounds us.
Sometimes these pulses may not coincide, then it will be difficult for people to find mutual understanding with each other. And if people’s pulses coincide, they can become good like-minded people.
Does a way to detect these pulses exist?
Yes, it does. This is a revolutionary device which is an absolutely amazing up-to-date product — Gadget 88, that we need in the present conditions when our planet’s vibrations are increasing. If you live according to astrologists’ advice, you should realize that the configuration of stars has moved in the sky, and it is better for you to interpret your compatibility with partners differently.

Device which makes your existence easier and better — Gadget 88

Using Gadget 88, one will not need to spend extra time with persons who are not suitable, one will be able to understand who suits them for long-term and stable relationships in any area of their life. Gadget 88 will make your life much easier!
Before entering the market, Gadget 88 has already attracted the attention of the general public, appearing on the New Year’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Moreover, the device was mentioned in a Forbes article. And this is just the beginning.

Anastasiia Bondarchuk graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar with Gadget 88 in her hand

Gadget 88’s purpose

The inventor of the revolutionary device Gadget 88, whose name is Sargis Sargsyan, set himself the task of creating a gadget to help people understand who is right for them to work, communicate and build long-term relationships. Today he shared with us information about the creation of the gadget.

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Tell us how you decided to create a gadget.

I often noticed that my friends felt lonely, and couldn’t find their soulmates. And they told me about it too.
Sometimes I also had communication problems. I started the project with new people, but the work did not go well. I couldn’t understand why.
It seems to me that any of us have this experience when we enjoy the company of a person, every single thing in him appeals to us: both the appearance and the manner of speech, but for some reason, we are not drawn to him, you cannot find a common language with him.
And then an idea came to my mind: “Why not create something that can show if people will find harmony in their relationships?”. I contacted experts about this subject, and the realization came to me: People’s pulses must be similar in order for them to find a common language.

If I’m not mistaken, there are already various methods, programs, and applications on the market that show whether your partner is right for you, yes?

You are certainly right. But you must understand that these methods of determining compatibility require a fairly large amount of time: first, you need to download the program and/or register on the platform, share information about yourself, and then about the person you are interested in.
We offer another way that will save time. After all, the Gadget 88 is a small device that fits in your pocket and will tell you in an instant if you can build a harmonious relationship with someone. Do you understand how our device differs from existing ones?

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Sargis Sargsyan - creator of Gadget 88

Of course! Now I’m interested in how Gadget 88 functions.

Everything is easy enough. Take the device in your hands, attach it to the cyst of your hand, and then to the cyst of the person you are interested in. You will then get one of the following results: You will see either red or green.
What will it mean? If you have a green color, then I congratulate you, you suit each other without a doubt. If the device shows you a red color, then it will be much more difficult to build a relationship with a person.
But please remember that Gadget 88 is an assistive device, it helps you find the right people for you and find out how similar your pulses are. It’s like a relationship analysis from an astrologer who can say that the planetary positions of two people contradict each other, but they have been in a relationship for many years. I don’t know how harmonious their relationship is, but they don’t break up (Smiles).

When will we be able to purchase the Gadget 88?

The initial sample has already been produced. We are currently raising money on Kickstarter. I firmly believe that people will support our creation. And at the end of this year, the product will hit the market.

Gadget 88… An unusual name for a product. Why did you call it like that?

As everyone knows, 8 is the symbol of infinity. And our device will be able to connect people for many years, I would even say forever.
Also, eight is a figure that has accompanied me all my life path. This number is on the date of my birth, as well as on other important dates for me.

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Gadget 88 looks very casual, but at the same time elegant. Did someone help you with the design?

I think you noticed how excited I am with the Gadget 88.
However, it should be noted that a large team of people worked on this project. Without them, my idea would not have come true. Technologists worked on the technical part because this is not my forte. I can’t say that I let this direction drift. I learned more about this as well, but in order to control the work of the team.
As for the design, this is entirely my idea.
My concept was to make the device comfortable and stylish. After all, our gadget, thanks to the ring, can be worn even with the keys to a car or apartment.
The gadget will be available in several colors, namely gold, silver, pink. We also created a premium model of the gadget, which is studded with precious stones.

Will you stop at just creating a device, or can we expect mobile applications from your team in the near future?

We will continue to develop. After all, it is important for us to create an opportunity to test our compatibility also for people who are far from each other. Believe me, we have a lot of ideas.

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