Presentation of Elvira Gavrilova’s new magazine in Dubai

On February 8, in Dubai at the Pullman Dubai Downtown hotel on the Lolita Bar terrace, Elvira Gavrilova presented her new project – Business ML Magazine, covering the financial side of the activities of successful people of our time, economic news, and also reporting on business innovations.

Elvira Gavrilova decided not to leave this event unnoticed, so she arranged a real fashion show for her guests. Those present were at a luxurious fashion show by designer Hayk Avanesyan.

The evening was hosted by Daniel Salem. Among the guests of the evening were Vlad Sytnik, Sergey Melnik, Alexander Polovitkin, Zamira Pecherskaya, Natalia Bondarchuk, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE Pavel Domashnev and many others.

The cover of the first issue of the magazine was graced by the well-known blogger, influencer, founder of the NIOLY online courses, film actress Polina Nioly Pushkareva.

Also you could see the heroes of the first edition among the guests of the evening: Doctor of Applied Economics and Hereditary Baron Alexander Zanzer, co-owner and head of the international advertising company “Amillidius” Bogdan Terzi, representative of the American-Israeli holding Shabshai Technology in Eastern Europe Alena Giyanovskaya, founder of the Maria Gragoleva Language Center Maria Glagoleva, Ph.D. and businesswoman Kateryna Lazor, lawyer and businessman Luis Enrique Perez, photographer Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, singer and restaurateur Polina Krupchak.

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