Why did Margot Robbie’s style change so dramatically (for the better)?

The other day, the Web began to briskly compare the new outputs of Margot Robbie with the images of past years, and the result, so to speak, is not only on the body, but also on the face. And the reason for the transformation of the style of the actress lies far from the change of stylist. All of Margo’s latest outfits are made entirely of Bottega Veneta clothes, so the clue here is quite simple – the Wolf of Wall Street star has signed a contract with the Italian brand. Recall that earlier Margot for a long time was dressed by designers and stylists of Chanel. And if you look not only at the outfits of the last House on the actress, but also at Robbie’s face in them, one pleasant fact becomes obvious. The liberation from the naphthalene shackles of the French brand returned the smile to the actress again.

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It must be admitted that the images from Bottega Veneta suit the actress very well. They do not add extra decades to her, as was the case with Chanel, and notably refresh her “classic” Hollywood appearance. We are sure that in terms of new contracts, the transformation of style from Mathieu Blazy will only play into Margot’s hands.

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