What to give children for New Year’s holidays?

It is necessary to instill in children a love of beauty from childhood, and this applies not only to classical music and correct literature, but also to the interior in which the child grows up, the toys with which they are surrounded, the clothes in which they are dressed, and, surprisingly, decorations. Remember the trepidation with which we looked into my mother’s jewelry box, so why not start collecting jewelry? Fostylen’s collection contains several options for gifts for a child for the New Year holidays.

If you are going to celebrate the New Year with friends who have a small child, then one of the best gifts will be a silver spoon by Tiffany & Co. It’s stylish, aristocratic and a lifelong memory.

Little children under three years old hardly remember their first New Year’s holidays, however, these wonderful moments are very well remembered by their parents. It is a good idea to ask in advance what young parents need in order not to present unnecessary things. Maybe they have already registered at some children’s store? Then you just have to go there and choose a stroller/crib/sling/booties/body (underline the necessary) from the list.

If you are a godmother or godfather, then the task is more difficult for you, because you are one of the dearest people for a child. Thus, you need to think carefully about the gift. From the baby’s godparents, not only guidance is expected, but also more earthly things like gifts. Get inspired by world-class events. For example, in honor of the christening of the third child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, the Royal Crown Derby brand, which bears the proud title of supplier to the royal court, has released a limited collection of porcelain specifically for this occasion. Any item will become memorable with engraving, painting or embroidery.

If the child is materer, you can ask them what exactly they dream of and give them this for the New Year. But if this is not possible, pay attention to the child’s temperament. If the child belongs to the active class of children, then, first of all, pay attention to toys intended for the street, sports and activities, games of a competitive type. If the child is a little slow and calm, then give preference to educational toys for creativity, puzzles and constructors that require perseverance.

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