Amy Winehouse’s Personal Exhibit Opens in London: From First Guitar to Moschino Bag

Amy Winehouse's Personal Exhibit Opens in London

The Design Museum in London will host an exhibition of Amy Winehouse’s personal belongings. The retrospective will show the singer as a person and a musician. The exhibition will not focus on the tragic death of a celebrity from a drug overdose, like many other installations and films.

“It felt like something was left unsaid about Amy’s story and about her as a serious musician.The way she was portrayed in the media really diminished her legacy,” says exhibition curator Priya Khanchandani.

The installation was titled “Amy Winehouse: Beyond the Frame.” The museum will display the singer’s personal belongings: the first electric guitar, notebooks, elements of the interior of her house, and more.

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A separate part of the exhibition will be devoted to the unique style of Amy Winehouse. Visitors will be able to see a red Moschino bag in the shape of a heart and a yellow dress from the British brand Preen, which the celebrity wore to the Brit Awards 2007.

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