Tiffany & Co. was criticized on social media for ageism

Jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. launched an ad campaign in New York with the slogan “This is not your mother’s Tiffany”, contrasting his new collections with the jewelry and customer preferences of previous decades. At the same time, young customers of the brand condemned Tiffany & Co. for discriminating against their parents, who also accused the company of ageism.

“My mom has a great style! She introduced me to T&C. I’m not sure if I like this slogan,” wrote a Realdrg user. “As a mother who has worked from home for the past 15 months and has worked with her daughters at the same time, I feel really offended by your campaign. Mothers all over the world have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic – I’m not sure if now is the right time to humiliate us,” said Andrea Steiner. “Terrible advertising campaign for the legendary brand,” says Isela.

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