Rihanna could star in the movie “Annette”

Rihanna could star in the movie "Annette"

Director Leos Carax said that Rihanna could play a cameo role in the film “Annette”. The musical follows the stand-up comedian Henry (Adam Driver) who falls in love with the famous opera singer Anne (Marion Cotillard). The couple has a daughter, Annette, who has a unique musical gift.

Leos Carax told USA Today that Rihanna was supposed to play herself in the film. “When little Annette becomes famous, she and Rihanna do a duet. But then Rihanna feels that the child has surpassed her,” explains the director. Ultimately, the scene with the singer was cut from the film.

Annette premiered earlier at the Cannes Film Festival, where Leos Carax received the Best Director award. The film is already available in theaters, and on August 20, on Amazon Prime.

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