Reunion of the Year? Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper walk hands in Manhattan

Today, November 16, former lovers, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper, walked in autumn Manhattan. Reporters managed to make rare shots of celebrities: the Russian supermodel took the arm of a Hollywood actor, who, judging by the expression on his face, was enjoying their walk. Note that Irina and Bradley rarely walk together, and that usually together with their daughter Lea. This time they were alone, obviously in no hurry and enjoying a warm rendezvous.

The couple’s fans hope that the meeting was in the format of a date, rather than a friendly walk. Still, this Hollywood couple was one of the most beautiful and flamboyant. In terms of popularity, they can only be compared with Jolie-Pitt.

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Recall that the lovers parted in June 2019. After that, there were rumors about Irina’s new romance with Kanye West. As for the 46-year-old Cooper, he was lonely all this time.

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