Princess Diana’s letter is up for auction. To whom is it addressed?

Princess Diana’s letter is up for auction for £18,000. The British newspaper The Sun writes about it.

This is a note in which Lady Dee thanked police sergeant George Plumb for organizing a motorcycle show at William’s birthday. It contains the signatures of the princess and her sons. The letter was dated June 21, 1989 and written on official paper from Kensington Palace.

“Dear Sgt Plumb, It was so very kind of you and your team to have come here today on William’s birthday – I cannot begin to tell you what pleasure the display gave to all those little people and their mothers!

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‘I know how particularly busy you all are at the moment, so it meant even more to us that you and the motorbike boys were able to take part in the birthday celebrations!

‘This comes with our warmest possible thanks. Yours sincerely Diana, William, Harry, ” The Sun newspaper quoted the note.

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