How much does it cost to live near Steven Spielberg?

You can live next to Steven Spielberg for 6.39 million dollars – this is how much they offer to pay for the estate next to the house of the famous director. The cost of housing for sale in a prestigious area of ​​Los Angeles was named in The New York Post.

The plot of 20 acres is located on a hilly area in the Pacific Palisades area. On the territory there is a four-story house with an area of ​​370 square meters, a garage for two cars, paved paths, a footbridge, three fountains and a lot of greenery.

Inside the mansion there are four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a work area and several bathrooms. Natural materials such as stone and wood were used in the decoration of the premises. Two rooms have floor-to-ceiling fireplaces that give the feeling of being in a ski resort.

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