Met Gala 2022

The first Monday in May is an important event in the fashion world. It is on this date every year since 1948 that a fundraising event has been held in favor of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. For stars, an invitation to the Met Ball is a symbol of recognition in the highest circles. Only A-list celebrities manage to get an invitation from designers. The theme of the ball is dedicated to the exhibition, which starts on the night of the Met Gala. This year the exposition is dedicated to “Gilded Glamour”. 

Not many people know, but the Met Gala is really hard to get into. A ticket costs about 25 thousand dollars, and a table reservation costs brands 200-300 thousand dollars. Creative directors of fashion brands invite their muses and top celebrities to dress up in their best outfits. Most of the looks are custom, that is, created specifically for this event and a particular celebrity. Recently, many representatives of the fashion community have criticized the Costume Institute ball: according to critics, designers and stars in pursuit of hype completely forget about the beauty and meaning of fashion, putting on outfits that can later become a meme. Like last year’s black outfit Kim Kardashian. But be that as it may, the Met Ball is still considered one of the most prestigious events, and the funds raised at the ball go to support the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We show you what the most fashionable guests of the Met Gala 2022 looked like.

Blake Lively

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Billie Eilish

Laura Harrier

Cardi B

Katy Perry

Taylor Hill

Kim Kardashian

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