Meghan Markle invites Kate Middleton to her podcast

At the end of August, Meghan Markle launched her Archetypes podcast on Spotify. Every week she invites famous personalities and discusses current topics with them. Her guests include Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling, Paris Hilton and Sophie Trudeau. And, quite possibly, Kate Middleton will soon add to this list.

Rumor has it that during her recent visit to the UK, Meghan Markle invited a relative to take part in the recording of the podcast. “While Meghan was visiting Windsor in a cottage, she reached out to the Princess of Wales to appear in an upcoming episode of Archetypes,” royal expert Neil Schon said.

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“It actually makes sense. Meghan thinks that he and Kate could discuss how to maintain a balance between work, family and personal life, ”the man shared. There is no official confirmation of the rumors yet, but we would really like to listen to this release.

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