Kendall Jenner becomes creative director of the FWRD brand

Kendall Jenner becomes creative director of the FWRD brand

Kendall Jenner became the creative director of the FWRD brand. She will be responsible for the “look and feel of the site” and will oversee her selection of designers and customer trends.

“[This position] marks an extra step in my journey in fashion, where I can work in new ways with brands and creative teams that I admire. I see this as a great opportunity to put what I have learned into practice and, most likely, learn more,” says Jenner.

The model will begin work during New York Fashion Week, which kicks off on September 8th. Special attention will be paid to supporting aspiring and independent designers. “I hope this is in some way a chance to donate more emerging creators to this kind of platform,”Jenner said. “I work with a huge number of people who not only inspire my haute couture choices, but my everyday style as well. The digital space is also an important tool for many modern creators, and it is certainly a window into a new generation of talent.”

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