Johnny Depp lands first big role since Amber Heard trial

The role of King Louis XV in the film “Jeanne du Barry” is Depp’s first major work since 2020, after he was forced to withdraw from the third part of the Fantastic Beasts franchise due to losing a libel case against The Sun newspaper.

According to Sky News, “Jeanne Dubarry” tells the story of a young working-class woman, Jeanne Bécu, who uses her intelligence and charm to climb the social ladder and eventually comes to the attention of King Louis XV.

Jeanne Becu will be played by the director of the film Maiwenn Le Besco. Also in the cast are Louis Garrel (“The Dreamers”), Pierre Richard (“Daddy”, “Toy”, “The Unlucky”) and Noémie Lvovsky (“Life on Rewind”). Filming began in late July after the completion of the lawsuit.

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Recall that the 59-year-old actor won a legal battle against his ex-wife in June this year. Depp is suing Heard over a 2018 article she wrote about her experience as a victim of domestic violence. Representatives of the actor said that after the allegations he lost opportunities to work in the cinema, for example, he was excluded from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The jury found in his favor after a six-week trial.

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