JK Rowling and Warner Bros. Working on a Harry Potter spin-off


This news is for those who rewatch films about the wizard boy every year: Warner Bros. could release a Harry Potter spin-off. Rumor has it that the other day JK Rowling held talks with the president of the film studio, David Zaslav.

Despite the fact that Warner Bros. refused to comment on the conversations, Daily Mail journalists claim that JK Rowling made a deal with the film studio six months ago, and now the scriptwriters are busy with the series. “People at HBO are talking about the Potter spin-off as fact,” an insider told the publication.

It is worth noting that the film company previously issued a statement in which it defended JK Rowling after numerous scandals: “Warner Bros Discovery strongly condemns the threats against JK Rowling. We support her and all authors, storytellers, and creators who boldly express their opinions… The Company strongly condemns any form of threat, violence, or intimidation where opinions, beliefs, and thoughts may differ.”

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