Jennifer Lopez marries Ben Affleck and changes her last name

It became known that the Hollywood couple J. Lo and Ben Affleck got married – without too much fanfare and magnificent celebrations.

According to media reports, the couple signed in Clark County, Nevada, USA – that’s where Las Vegas is located. The marriage certificate contains the real names of the stars and is dated July 16. The couple announced their engagement in April 2022.

This is not the first attempt of the stars to converge, for the first time Affleck gave the ring to the singer in 2002. But then the aspiring actor could not cope with the uphill career and the constant pressure of the media and paparazzi. Therefore, the couple first canceled the wedding the day before the celebration, and then broke up in 2004 and began to arrange their personal lives separately.

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Ben Affleck married actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he had three children. And Jennifer Lopez married singer Marc Anthony, and the couple had two children. After the divorce, neither Affleck nor Lopez remarried, preferring simple novels. They got back together in 2021.

Journalists even found a document according to which Jennifer took her husband’s surname – and now she is officially Jennifer Affleck.

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