Elliot Page to Release Memoir ‘Pageboy’

Actor Elliot Page plans to publish his memoir Pageboy, according to Deadline. In them, he will write about the search for himself, the transition made by a transgender and the homophobia of others that he had to face. Page will also talk about his creative path and the reverse side of professional success.

Page’s memoir is expected to be released in 2023 by Flatiron Books – the company has already acquired the rights to the book for $3 million. “Some in publishing circles were surprised at how much Flatiron paid, but it will give the publisher incentive to make sure the book gets proper promotion,” Deadline said. “Page’s willingness to be honest about the conflicting emotions, beginning with shame, that prevented him from realizing who he really was, is an important topic for those who face the same abuse and difficult life decisions.”

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