Ana de Armas repeated two iconic images of Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of the biopic “Blonde”

Yesterday, within the framework of the 79th Venice Film Festival, the most long-awaited premiere of the event took place – the film “Blonde”. Biographical film in the genre of psychological drama explores the life of Marilyn Monroe through the prism of her inner world. And for the main role in the film, Ana de Armas has already managed to receive the Rising Star of Hollywood award.

And, of course, the actress simply could not come to the premiere in an outfit that did not refer to the legendary images of the diva. Ana combined two references at once in one Louis Vuitton dress with a pleated skirt. The pink color of the outfit and the Messika diamond necklace refer to the image of Marilyn from the film Gentlemen Love Blondes (1953), while the deep neckline and gathers on the bodice refer to The Seven Year Itch (1954). And before us is clearly one of the best images for all the days of the 79th Venice Film Festival.

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Blonde will hit Netflix on September 28th. By the way, the film was given an 18+ rating, which will greatly affect its success. The motion picture will not be shown in most theaters, and the number of advertising integrations will be minimal. In an interview for L’Officiel, Ana admitted that such news shocked her: “I don’t know why this happened. I can name many more explicit films or shows. To truly tell Marilyn’s story, it was important for us to be honest about the most intimate moments of her life that led to what she did.”

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