“I was told that I had only a few days left”: Selena Gomez’s mother spoke about serious health problems

The day before Mandy Tifi, the mother of Selena Gomez, was criticized on the Web for being overweight. She posted a post on Instagram in which she responded to the hate from followers. Mandy talked about how she defeated double pneumonia.

“I was never going to discuss it, but I knew that when the cover for Entrepreneur came out, I would be writing about my excess weight,” Tifi began.

She noted that she would not have coped with the disease without the help of doctors and the support of relatives. “I was told that I had only a few days left. I had miracle doctors and the love of my family and friends who supported me,” said Mandy.

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She also announced that she has gained 60 pounds (about 27 kilograms) after the illness, but plans to return to shape. “I am healthy and will work on myself at my own pace,” said Mandy.

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