Giorgia Meloni will not use the feminitive of her position

Giorgia Meloni, who became the first woman to head the Italian government, will not use the feminitive of her position – Meloni intends to call herself “prime minister”. This is reported by Reuters. So, in the first statement of Meloni’s office, her official title of Presidente del Consiglio was preceded by the masculine article il instead of the feminine la. A similar article appeared in Meloni’s letter, which was read in Parliament.

Meloni’s decision caused public discussion, some criticized the prime minister’s position. On the one hand, every woman has the right to use a more comfortable family, including Meloni. “It is in the diversity of language that all speakers can find their space and interact positively with others, overcoming any differences without giving up the right to themselves,” says Claudio Marazzini, head of the Accademia della Crusca, an organization dedicated to the protection of the Italian language.

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On the other hand, in the case of Meloni, the rejection of the feminist is political in nature and emphasizes the right-wing radical policy of the new government.

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