Barbados will be the first country to open its embassy in the metaverse


Barbados will become the world’s first state with a virtual embassy in the metaverse. The news was announced on its Twitter account by the virtual reality platform Decentraland. The government of the country intends to further develop its presence in various virtual worlds.

The opening of the Barbados embassy in the metaverse is expected in January. The Ambassador of Barbados to the UAE Gabriel Abed notes that the opening of a virtual embassy is a way for the state to increase the number of diplomatic missions. He also added that online embassies will be the starting point for Barbados’ ambitious economic plans in virtual worlds. Barbados does not intend to stop at one representative office. According to the Foreign Ministry, the authorities are also considering agreements with other metauniverses – Somnium Space and SuperWorld.

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The metaverse is an online space where users communicate with each other through avatars.

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