France removes EU flag from Arc de Triomphe after rightwing anger

The giant European Union flag, erected at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to commemorate the beginning of France’s EU presidency, was removed after the move was criticized by right-wing French politicians.

Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen said that the “replacement” of the French flag on the monument was an infringement on the country’s identity and threatened to file a complaint with the French Supreme Court of Administrative Cases.

Erik Zemmour, right-wing independent presidential candidate, called the EU flag “outrageous.”

Conservative candidate Valerie Pécresse tweeted: “Lead Europe, but don’t erase French identity.”

European Affairs Minister Clement Bonne denies that the government has succumbed to right-wing pressure and said the EU flag was not permanently displayed on the Arc de Triomphe, its removal was planned.

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