Vlad Sytnik and Renata Shtifel: Christmas Carol

Vlad Sytnik and Renata Shtifel delighted fans with a Christmas video.


The guys sang one of the most popular New Year songs «Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas» as a duet.

«‎Renata and I have been friends for a very long time, but the idea of this duet was born spontaneously, surprisingly, both she and I liked this song. I first heard it in the movie «Home Alone» and wanted to record it for many years, but there was not enough time. In one of the conversations, Renata shared her thought that she would like to make this track and that was when the idea of ​​our friendly duet came up,» shares Vlad.

The video was filmed in Cyprus, where Renata lives now. Despite the warm weather, they managed to convey a winter, festive atmosphere.

We saw a true Netflix-style Christmas mini-movie.

The video was directed by famous in Cyprus Andreas Kolokotronis (CinemArt).

«Christmas is a time of miracles, we wanted our video work to be very warm and festive. We tried to convey the Christmas atmosphere, so to speak, we had a rehearsal for Christmas, when relatives and friends gather at the same table, have fun, talk a lot and enjoy the moment of togetherness. Vlad and I haven’t seen each other for a long time, so we didn’t need to play, that’s how we would have met at the table and in a noisy company. I think we have succeeded,» says Renata about the video.

The guys presented the video work on the eve of Catholic Christmas. Search for videos on the singers’ channel.


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