Woman Buys Lottery Ticket Minutes Before Drawing

We wish we were so lucky! The Insider edition told how a woman from the American North Carolina won more than half a million dollars by buying a lottery ticket just a few minutes before the draw.

Stephanie Israel decided to try her luck and buy a Quick Pick lottery ticket online. “It was late, I was getting ready for bed, and something made me go to the site and buy it,” says the 39-year-old woman. In the morning it turned out that she had won $501,544 in the lottery. We are afraid to even imagine her reaction. According to her, she “screamed for about 20 minutes” from happiness, scaring her family a little. By the way, Stephanie has already taken her winnings, however, after paying taxes, the amount has changed and amounted to $ 356,147, which is still a lot!

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The woman told reporters that she plans to invest the money won in the development of her business. I’m sure she will succeed.

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