Plane-hotel for 5,000 people is presented

A Yemeni engineer named Hashim al-Ghaili presented his vision for the aircraft of the future. The first project was the Sky Cruise aircraft hotel, which is supposed to completely change the aviation industry.

Sky Cruise is a nuclear-powered flying hotel. This monster is capable of carrying up to 5,000 people. Sky Cruise will receive 20 nuclear engines based on nuclear fusion. This will solve the issue of carbon emissions.

The plane will fly without pilots. The artificial intelligence system will be in charge of this, but a human will be able to take control at any time.

What will be included in the Sky Cruise:

panoramic room with a 360-degree view of the sky;
shopping centers;
entertainment complexes;
restaurants, bars, coffee houses;
theaters and cinemas;
places for business negotiations;
banquet halls for weddings.

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Sky Cruise guests will not experience turbulence. When vibrations are detected, the AI ​​system automatically generates a reverse vibration that compensates for shaking. There is only one problem: how to lift this giant into the air? The Sky Cruise concept brings to mind the Titanic. At that time, it was also the largest ship. We hope that Sky Cruise will not repeat its fate.

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