Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment can now be rented on Airbnb

Airbnb will now be able to rent “Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment” for one night. The iconic apartment was recreated by Warner Bros. in a classic New York brick house (albeit in the Chelsea area, not the Upper East Side).

In the interior of the apartment you can find many Easter eggs related to the life of the main character of the series – an old phone by the bed, recognizable items of clothing in the wardrobe, a “Carrie” pendant, a leather chair, an old MacBook, stickers and a notebook on the desk.

Sarah Jessica Parker visited her heroine’s recreated apartment. “I felt like I was transported 23 years ago,” says the actress. She also added that the apartment looks very realistic. “The size, the layers of paint, the telephone lines driven into the walls and stucco by the paint, the radiator – it’s all very similar to New York. These apartments have an undeniable charm. Carrie was wise to hold on to it.”

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It will be possible to book an apartment for two for one night for $23. To do this, starting November 8, the Airbnb website will open an application submission

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