Weather dependence – myth or reality? How to stop suffering from changing weather?

WEATHER DEPENDENCE is a set of unpleasant symptoms with which the body reacts to changing weather. At the same time, meteorological dependence is not recognized by the medical community as a disease and is not included in the list of the International Classification of Diseases adopted by the World Health Organization.

It is impossible to cure meteorological dependence, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms – all doctors, without exception, called sufficient quality sleep, fresh air and moderate physical activity as their prevention. It is necessary to train your autonomic nervous system, consult a doctor in a timely manner to identify vascular risk factors and cardiovascular pathology – high cholesterol, sugar, increased blood clotting, decreased vascular patency due to atherosclerotic plaques, arterial hypertension, and so on. It is important to keep track of how much alcohol you drink and try not to overdo it. And of course, taking into account the psychological factors of weather dependence, monitor your emotional state. If you know that tomorrow is a bad day in terms of weather, prepare for this in advance: go in for sports in the first (not second!) Half of the day or take a walk in the fresh air, fill yourself with good emotions and go to bed on time. Engage in pleasant activities, relax, ventilate the room well and go to bed early. And if you’re in pain, don’t be afraid to take painkillers. When discomfort of any kind occurs, it is necessary to realize it and consult a doctor. Maybe we need to check hemoglobin, insulin. And of course, look for a functional disorder. You can get rid of the symptoms of weather dependence if you take care in advance.

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