Straight talk: when should you take your child to a psychologist?

Most often, parents are divided into two types: those who run to a child psychologist, even with a mere trifle, and those who do not pay attention to the obvious problems of the child. So, when is it necessary to take your child to a psychologist?

  1. Your child is different from peers

If your child has speech impairments or disabilities. If they have unusual desires, for example, refuse to eat fruits and vegetables of a certain color and shape, this is a reason to contact a specialist.

  1. There were traumatic events in the child’s life

Children are very upset about the death of their relatives or the divorce of their parents. Also, it is not easy for the child to move to another city, go to another school. Talk to them, if they feel uncomfortable, a psychologist can help them cope with anxiety.

  1. Age crises
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Psychologists identify several age crises. The first is a crisis of 3 years, but then the psychologist works not with the child, but with their parents. The next difficult moment is entering school. It is difficult for a child to cope with the fact that at school they are required to have discipline and clarity in completing assignments. Then comes the transition from junior to high school. During this period, children have different teachers for each subject and not one as before. Adolescence is considered the most difficult period when children begin to express themselves and reject authority.

5 rules for choosing a child psychologist:

  1. Ask your friends. Most likely, one of your friends has a good psychologist.
  2. Explore the sites of psychological centers.
  3. Pay special attention to the professionalism of the psychologist and their education.
  4. Stop your choice on a psychologist who already has many years of experience working with children.
  5. Follow your heart when choosing a specialist.

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