What is apitherapy and how bees help maintain health

The word “apitherapy” comes from the Latin apis – bee and therapia – treatment. Today, under this term, a method of treatment is raised, which involves bee stinging.

The history of apitherapy originates in ancient times. The beneficial properties of a bee sting were described in their writings by Galen and Hippocrates. And the founder of modern apitherapy is Philip Terch, an Austrian doctor who, back in the 19th century, published several studies confirming the effectiveness of bee venom treatment.

Despite the fact that apitherapy is classified as one of the areas of alternative medicine, a number of useful properties that bee venom has have been scientifically confirmed. The essence of apitherapy is that a bee is applied to a sore spot on the body, allowing the insect to sting a person and inject a beneficial poison into the body.

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In addition to bees, honey, wax, royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and perga are also used in apitherapy. These products can be used in the form of suppositories, balms, tablets, tinctures or ointments. They help to cope with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and are actively used in cosmetology. And raw honey is often used as an anti-burn and wound healing agent.

Bee venom has a bitter taste, smells specific and is produced in the glands of the bee. With it, she defends herself from enemies and guards her hive. According to some reports, bee venom is somewhat similar to snake venom, but it is many times more effective.

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Another plus of apitherapy is that, subject to all the rules, it does not cause discomfort. In most cases, a bee sting is comparable to a mosquito sting, and the pain from it disappears after 30 seconds. To reduce irritation, you can apply a towel moistened with cold water or a piece of ice to the bite site.

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