Dubai Investments: Real Estate, Business and Tourism

In today’s issue of our magazine, we have an interesting conversation with Alexey Gorbachev, a certified broker, investment consultant and developer in the world of Dubai real estate. Alexey shares his unique experience and highlights investment opportunities in this dynamic region. From apartment renovation to high-rise construction, together with Alexey we will look at the key areas of development and determine where it is profitable to invest in modern Dubai.

What qualities, in your opinion, make a person successful in both work and personal life?
I personally identify three qualities – professionalism, kindness, and honesty. It doesn’t matter in which field you work; what matters is that these qualities set you apart from the multitude of people in the market.

How long have you been in Dubai? Why Dubai?
I first visited Dubai in 2017 and was impressed by the city. I moved here around 2022. I chose Dubai because it’s a city of the future. It provides the freedom to pursue one’s passion and earn significant income. Additionally, the flexible tax system allows for easy business operations. Dubai boasts excellent infrastructure, a great climate, the sea, opportunities, and amazing people. The best professionals come here to work.

Is it profitable to start working in the real estate market now?
I believe it is profitable, and there are several reasons for it. Firstly, there’s a recession and crisis in Europe. Secondly, Dubai is a free tax zone. Thirdly, many people are relocating to Dubai due to safety, ease of doing business, and earning potential. Therefore, the real estate market will continue to grow, with at least a 10% annual increase for the next three years. My clients are all earning, investing, and buying for themselves, which is a positive sign for investors.


What role does tourism play in Dubai’s economy, and are there investment opportunities in this sector?
Official statistics show that tourists spent approximately 26 billion last year. This means people come here, spend their money, and also look into real estate and business for relocation. This creates constant marketing from a real estate sales perspective.

Are there investment opportunities in this sector?
Certainly, there are. Various sectors are thriving, from retail to business. By the way, I deal not only with real estate but also assist with all matters in Dubai.

Where is it currently better to invest? What is your choice, apart from real estate?
For example, in construction, infrastructure projects, IT projects, crypto projects, or the hospitality industry (restaurants, beauty salons). Many may think that the competition is enormous, but in reality, it is not. If you offer quality service, there isn’t much of it yet. Therefore, focusing on quality is a key factor, as quality forms the foundation for profit.

There are also numerous other programs, agricultural and transportation projects. All sectors of the world can be included here. It all depends on your requirements and specialization. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

What strategies and advice can you give to potential investors in Dubai?
The first advice is to thoroughly study the market. It is also important to talk to various brokers involved in this. I am not just a broker but also an investor and a developer, which allows me to understand the market from within. As for strategies, they are always simple. It’s crucial to choose locations, projects in those locations, and compare prices correctly. It’s extremely important to listen to the opinions of people who have been here for a long time and consult those with numerous successful cases.

I have numerous successful cases in investment because I have been involved in this for over 5 years. My strategy is to invest a portion of capital in ongoing projects, a portion in unfinished projects, and a portion in already completed ones. This way, risks can be diversified, and you can observe capitalization.


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Can real estate be pursued as a hobby? Or is it necessary to fully enter this market?
For me personally, the choice of real estate is based on its potential for generating passive income. This means I can invest in real estate without fully engaging in its management. This approach is common among many investors who typically invest from 30% to 50% of their capital in real estate for passive income.

For example, if you invest in under-construction real estate, you wait for 1, 2, 3 years and then can resell it. Or if you rent out the property, you can lease it for a year. In this case, you don’t need to actively participate in management – you have a property management company or real estate agency handling all these matters. We can offer a full range of services, including repairs, leasing, resale, purchase, and other stages.

I believe every investor must fully understand what and how they are investing in. But if I, for instance, am involved in real estate 24/7, naturally, I know and understand more than the average person. Just like you go to a doctor and choose them based on their education, experience, and reviews. Although you can take care of your teeth, in any field, you still need an expert to assist you.

Honesty, professionalism, and kindness – these three qualities are the foundation of success and the right choice of a professional.

Who is a successful investor?
In my view, a successful investor is someone who has both positive and negative cases, although in most instances, these cases should be predominantly positive. A successful investor is someone who earns and multiplies their funds, backed by extensive experience, where experience is reflected not just in the number of years in the market. Some experts have been in the market 5, 10, or 20 years ago, but they may have less experience in conducting deals and handling various situations than someone who has been in the market for only a few years.

This is what makes a successful investor. They enter the market at the right time, either by sensing the moment or having an expert guide them.

Is a long journey necessary to achieve success?
To achieve success in life, each person needs a certain amount of time. After all, we all perceive information differently, have different experiences, education, surroundings, etc. I achieve success quickly because I surround myself with the right people and constantly improve my personal and professional qualities. My travels and speaking engagements worldwide allow me to interact with many people and share a wealth of knowledge with them.

I believe in the importance of knowledge sharing. I share my experiences with other people and try to, as a leader and mentor, help them achieve success faster by setting an example. Understanding that each person has their perception and speed of information assimilation, I emphasize the importance of the right environment and influence of the right people.

Of course, the path to success can be long and winding, but I suggest focusing on what needs to be done to achieve success. Ultimately, it depends on each of us and our perception. The key is to recognize the importance of the environment and strive for constant growth and self-improvement. There may be challenges along this path, but with support and inspiration from the right people, we can achieve success and become better versions of ourselves.

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What value do you see in teaching others?
When we exchange information with any person, we expand our knowledge and become richer with new insights. That’s why I consider it my mission to share my knowledge and experience gained over many years of work.

For me, the transmission of knowledge is crucial because I am constantly learning from successful people. I am in the process of learning myself. Being a mentor and guide in this field is not the primary goal of my earnings but rather a passion that motivates me to do everything with great professionalism. People come to me who want to completely transform themselves in the shortest possible time. I help them undergo transformation through internal states and achieve rapid results, grounded in truth.

Name the main principles that led you to change your mindset and life.
Fundamental principles that I consider essential for building long-term relationships with any person or client:

  • Firstly, one should be a person of their word – fulfilling promises.
  • Secondly, one must possess professionalism in their field of activity.
  • And thirdly, the pursuit of money alone is not necessary. 

The pursuit of wealth can lead to a violation of principles and loss of conscience. In the long run, this will lead to a loss of self and valuable clients.

My clients value me for the assistance I provide not only at the time of real estate purchase but also in all other matters. I provide quality services and help after the purchase. It’s essential to give more than what clients paid for. Following such a principle, grounded in assisting people, my mindset focuses on positive things. As we know from an esoteric point of view, the Universe treats everyone equally and provides equal opportunities. The key is to use them correctly.

Can everyone become a millionaire?
Certainly, and a billionaire as well. Billionaires typically started their journey from ordinary families. Having a passion for their work, they had something they wanted to realize, which gave them a significant push, and as a result, they became millionaires or billionaires. One of the most crucial goals in life is to find a sphere that suits you and engage in it 24/7 without stress. My main motto is to work with pleasure.

This means that you can enjoy your work, the people around you, and as a result, everything will come to you effortlessly.


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