Watching the new video Måneskin – MAMMAMIA

Watching the new video Måneskin - MAMMAMIA

Måneskin have released a new music video for the track MAMMAMIA. In the video, band members Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raji fantasize about the murder of lead singer Damiano David.

The video begins with the three participants (without the soloist) driving a car, and Victoria says the phrase “he annoys me so”, meaning Damiano. After that, Thomas puts on a cassette with the song MAMMAMIA, and the musicians find themselves at a party. There, each member of the group finds his own way to kill the soloist. Ethan drowns him in the closet, Victoria uses a knife, and Thomas hits him with something heavy.

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The filming of the video was directed by the Spanish director Rey Nadal. She has directed fashion films for Burberry and the Nike x Off-White collaboration.

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