War drama “Reflection” causes a 10-minute standing ovation in Venice

War drama "Reflection" causes a 10-minute standing ovation in Venice

Along with 20 other films in the main competition of the Venice Film Festival, including works by Pedro Almodovar and Paolo Sorrentino, “Reflection” competes for the main award – the Golden Lion. This is a significant event for Ukrainian cinema, not to mention the fact that the film’s director, Valentin Vasyanovich, several years ago with the film “Atlantis” won the Orrizonti program of the Venice IFF.

The director considers his new film an “unofficial prequel” to “Atlantis” – both films raise the theme of the war in Ukraine. The main role in both films was played by the actor Roman Lutsky. According to the director, the Italians reacted to “Reflection” with a 10-minute ovation – the audience accepted the film.

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The film tells the story of a volunteer doctor who, after returning from captivity, tries to adapt to a peaceful life.

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