Venice Film Festival 2021: Results and Main Awards of the Biennale

Venice Film Festival 2021: Results and Main Awards of the Biennale

The annual Venice Film Festival 2021 ended on September 11 in Italy. The results of the international film festival are published on the official website of the Biennale.

This year Ukraine at the 78th Venice Film Festival was represented by three films at once: the film by Valentin Vasyanovich “Reflection”, which was included in the main competition program, “Rhino” by Oleg Sentsov and “Censorok” by Peter Kerekesh were sent to the “Horizons” section.

The award for the best film at the end of the international film festival was received by the French director Audrey Divan with the film “The Event”. In her film, the director raised the topic of illegal abortion in France in 1963 and showed the life story of a student Anne, who had to end her pregnancy illegally.

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Best Young Actor: Filippo Scotti, “The Hand of God”

Special Jury Prize: “Il Buco” (dir. Michelangelo Frammartino)

Best Screenplay: “The Lost Daughter” (Maggie Gyllenhaal)

Best Actor: John Arcilla, “On the Job: Missing 8”

Best Actress: Penélope Cruz, “Parallel Mothers”

Silver Lion for Best Director: Jane Campion, “The Power of the Dog”

Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize: “The Hand of God,” Paolo Sorrentino

Golden Lion: “Happening” (dir. Audrey Diwan)


Orrizonti Audience Award: “The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic” (dir. Teemu Nikki)

Best Short Film: “Los Huesos” (dirs. Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña)

Best Screenplay: “107 Mothers” (Péter Kerekes, Ivan Ostrochovský)

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Best Actor: Piseth Chhun, “White Building”

Best Actress: Laure Calamy, “À Plein Temps”

Special Jury Prize: “El Grand Movimiento” (dir. Kiro Russo)

Best Director: Eric Gravel, “À Plein Temps”

Best Film: “Pilgrims” (dir. Laurynas Bareisa)

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