Legendary ABBA releases a new album 40 years later

The Swedish quartet ABBA has released a new album, Voyage, the first in 40 years since the band’s disbandment. This was reported on the official website of the musical group. “ABBA is back with a new album, Voyage,” the website says. It is noted that the album is already available for listening on music Internet services, as well as on CDs and audio cassettes. At a virtual press conference from London in early September, the band revealed that they are planning a Voyage album with 10 new songs. It was also announced that the show will take place in London at a 3,000-seat concert arena built specifically for the event. The show will bear the same name as the album recorded after a 40-year hiatus. Ten live musicians will perform together with four “abbatars” – holograms of the quartet members. According to the official website of the show, the first concerts are scheduled for the end of May.

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