For those who helped take on new heights: Ferrero Rocher releases a festive mini-film

The release of a mini-film by Ferrero Rocher is already a New Year’s tradition. This is not just an advertising video, but a touching story that causes goosebumps.

This year, the plot is centered on a girl hopelessly in love with the sky. We meet her at the airport – agitated, she walks through the waiting room with a Ferrero Rocher box in her hands. Who is it addressed to? We will find out in a couple of minutes, during which the whole life of the heroine and her long way to the dream – to become the captain of the aircraft will pass before us.

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She has to make difficult decisions, endure the skepticism of those who consider aviation to be a “non-feminine business” and do not believe in it. But do not think that this is another motivating success story, everything is much deeper: this film is about sincere gratitude to those who unselfishly help to take new heights.

The Ferrero Rocher mini-film reminds of the most important thing – that there are always people nearby who make new things possible for us. This support needs to be able to see, appreciate and reward with reciprocal warmth.

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