WHO records the spread of COVID-19 lambda strain in more than 30 countries

ВООЗ зафіксувала поширення штаму COVID-19 лямбда більш ніж в 30 країнах

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded the spread of the lambda variant of the coronavirus in more than 30 countries. This was announced by Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the technical group of the WHO Emergency Diseases Unit.

“This is a relatively young variant … It circulates in a number of countries, mainly in the Americas, although so far it has been found in more than 30 countries,” says Maria.

The specialist noted that the organization is closely monitoring this strain.

Earlier, a new mutation of the coronavirus “lambda” was included in the group of interest by WHO. At the same time, the organization does not exclude that soon the strain will be transferred to the group of concern.

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This strain was first registered in Peru in December 2020.

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