Icelandic Sex Scandal Rocks – Full-Role Football Association Resigns Due To Player Violence

Icelandic Sex Scandal Rocks

Iceland’s players run the risk of seriously tarnishing their reputation.

The leadership of the Icelandic Football Association with the entire squad has resigned due to the sex scandal that arose around the national team.

A number of players are suspected of violence and harassment, which have been going on since 2017. Recently, 25-year-old Thorkhildur Gida Arnarsdottir made a public statement about the harassment of football players. Allegedly, one of the players touched her between her legs and grabbed her by the neck in a nightclub in Reykjavik 4 years ago. Then Gida and her friend went to the police. The case was resolved peacefully, but the victims want much more attention to the problem of violence. The guide assured that she knows about at least 6 players who allowed themselves to harass girls. Even the Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, reacted to the scandal.

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