I declare a truce: Amber Heard said she had settled the conflict with Johnny Depp

It seems like it’s over. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp finally agreed. Amber made the announcement on social media.

Amber and Johnny agreed that the actress would pay the Hollywood actor one million dollars. Amber has filed numerous appeals, but, as she herself explains, she still went to settle the lawsuit because she no longer believes in a fair trial.

Recall that in early summer, the jury unanimously found Amber Heard guilty in the case against Johnny Depp and ordered her to pay compensation to the actor in the amount of $ 15 million. However, according to one of the points, Amber was supposed to receive two million dollars from Johnny Depp for her counterclaim. After that, the actor filed an appeal against the defamation verdict (distribution of defamatory information) against the former. But it seems that now everything is for sure (we really hope so).

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