Bolivian diplomat makes international scandal with joke video on TikTok

The country’s ambassador to Paraguay posted a video joking about a traditional drink in Paraguay and depicting the manner of speech typical of the locals.
Bolivia’s Foreign Ministry decided to recall and replace its ambassador to Paraguay because of the TikTok video, which was considered offensive in the neighboring country.

“In connection with the diplomatic misunderstanding that occurred through the fault of Ambassador Mario Cronembold Aponte in the Republic of Paraguay, we inform you that he was immediately summoned to the Bolivian Foreign Ministry in La Paz. After receiving the report and its assessment, Ambassador Cronembold was dismissed,” the Foreign Ministry said.

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Earlier, the lower house of parliamentarians of Paraguay voted to recognize the Bolivian ambassador as persona non grata. The scandal erupted after Kronembold posted a video on TikTok in which he jokingly talks about Terera, a traditional drink in Paraguay, and depicts the manner of speech typical of the locals.

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