Arpine Abrahamyan: SolarGaps solar blinds is a technology of the future that already exists today

SolarGaps develops and sells solar-powered blinds that use the energy they collect. This project is one of the most popular startups in Ukraine. The idea behind SolarGaps is that consumers can use solar blinds on their windows, which, in addition to their basic purpose, can also generate about 100 kilowatts of energy per month.

Arpine Abrahamyan, a shareholder and lead investor of the international joint-stock company SolarGaps, has always advocated the use of «green» technologies that help save money, and most importantly, make the environment better. Having supported the idea of Yevgen Eric, the founder of SolarGaps and the technology author, Arpine firmly decided that this idea is definitely worth the world to know about it.

SolarGaps are blinds with photovoltaic modules that are installed on windows outside the house. Using solar energy instead of traditional sources reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, 1 sq. m of solar blinds can prevent the emission of 110 kg of CO2 per year. The principle of operation of this device is similar to the movement of a sunflower that follows the sun. The resulting energy can be used to power all appliances in the house. If solar blinds generate more energy than you need, then it can be sold at a «green rate».

SolarGaps uses durable aluminum for 20 years of use, after which it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. And solar cells SunPowers with an efficiency of 22.5%, which are equipped with blinds, are considered one of the best on the world market.

Thanks to Arpine, who is also a visionary of the company, popularizing it both in Ukraine and abroad, SolarGaps sends its product to all corners of the world. Having gained a million-strong customer base in the near future, the company will allow them to exchange energy in the already established electricity network.

«Our world is constantly evolving. IT-technologies have formed a single information space and, in fact, contributed to the prosperity of the world economy. At the same time, they created a new need for electricity generation. It is this that causes an incredibly large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. I believe that our innovation will change this situation by making the world a better, cleaner and greener world. After all, responsibility begins with ourselves. Our company’s mission is to change the approach to consumption, drawing the attention of mankind to ecological technologies,» says Arpine.

Closely cooperating with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, SolarGaps was included in the reference book on energy and tourism in Ukraine «Shlyakh svitla». The company is also an active participant in tenders for the development of various government and educational structures. However, the management does not plan to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Already at the end of January next year, SolarGaps will act as one of the key participants in the grandiose business and cultural project in Dubai within the framework of the Ukraine-Armenia project.

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