Ines Obykhod’s new restaurant “Pearl’Amour” in Lisbon

Ines Obykhod is a myth and prejudice buster about successful women and a mega-efficient owner of the Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar. At the same time, it seems that she does all this easily and with a smile.


More recently, a businesswoman opened a restaurant Pearl’Amour, which means “glamorous pearl”, but to give elegance to the name, the letter “G” was lost and it turned out to be a “pearl of love”.

Everything Ines imagined about glamour, sophistication, and subtlety has been incorporated into the design of this restaurant. Furniture design is made to order. For example, the legs of chairs and tables are framed in gold, two chic chandeliers add romance to the area in which they are located. The black and gold interior gives luxury and chic to the establishment, and the emerald-colored furniture emphasizes glamor and tranquility, the harmony of beauty and relaxation with fine weather energy, where you can eat deliciously and enjoy a glass of chic wines or delicious cocktails.

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Not to mention the chic cuisine. One of the more sought-after dishes is the Pearl’Amour steak, which is served with a special sauce. Guests also like to order Picanha with pineapple and Secretos de porco preto (a grilled dish from a special race of pig), and everyone loves pasta with truffle and risotto. The dessert that has become the hallmark of the restaurant is, of course, the Divine Napoleon Cake with Cherry Syrup.

Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar is a place you want to come back to!

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