Girlfriend of multibillionaire Jeff Bezos was spotted with a huge ruby ​​on “that very finger”

2021 will definitely be remembered by Jeff Bezos as one of the most turbulent. In 12 months he managed to divorce his wife after 25 years of marriage; to bring out a friend with whom he was in a relationship for several years (by the way, he was pushed to this by blackmailers, who promised to make the details of his personal life public); to concede the title of the richest man in the world to Elon Musk, taking an honorable second place; leave the post of CEO of Amazon and even fly into space on your own shuttle. Moving away from business, the 57-year-old billionaire focused on enjoying his fortune in the company of his beloved woman – ex-journalist Lauren Sanchez.

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It is not known what gifts were exchanged by people who literally have everything, but thanks to the paparazzi, there is an idea that Lauren discovered under the tree. A few days after Christmas, she was spotted with a ring topped with an imposing ruby ​​on “that very finger.” Of course, traditional engagement rings are usually inlaid with diamonds, but Bezos is not an ordinary person either. It is possible that soon the wedding bells will ring for the lovers a second time.

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