Man takes 10 COVID vaccine shots in single day

In New Zealand, a man was accused of fraud due to the fact that he vaccinated for other people. According to Newsweek, the defendant received up to 10 doses of covid vaccine per day.
Now the man is under investigation by the country’s Ministry of Health. He is accused of falsifying vaccinations for other people – he went to vaccinations instead of them and received money for it. As part of the fraudulent scheme, the defendant visited several vaccination centers.

The authorities reacted to the incident, noting that receiving more than one dose of the vaccine is dangerous for the body and the man should “seek medical help as soon as possible.”

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“It’s unsafe, it puts human health at risk,” said University of Auckland professor Nikki Turner, medical director of the New Zealand Immunization Advisory Center.

In New Zealand, unvaccinated people cannot go to restaurants, bars, gyms or check in hotels.

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